Undervanns Fotografen (Underwater Photographer)

Underwater Photographer is a one-of-a-kind Norwegian company that takes photos of both kids and adults, underwater.

The website and branding for Underwater Photography was a project we created from the ground up. The webshop system was programmed in a unique way in that we had to be able to easily upload unlimited amounts of photos in batch, immediately for customer viewing.

Company Challenge:
The challenge the company faced was the sheer amount of photos taken and uploaded for each customer. The company averaged 300 people per week at 30+ photos per person.

Our solution:
We created a webshop where each customer was sent a personal link to review and purchase their photos on a private web page. This page showcased and captured each underwater session for the customer to review and enjoy while providing an option to purchase their photos on various forms of media (mugs, t-shirts, calendars, canvas, mousepads, etc.)
We succeeded in streamlining a previously time-consuming process. This ultimately saved both the company and their customers time and money.


Our solution:

  • Logo and brand
  • Web design
  • Customized webshop system
  • Marketing materials (business cards, brochure, cd-cover, digital marketing)